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Shadow Yoga 7 Day retreat in Tulum Mexico

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Shadow Yoga 7-day Exotic Retreats are variety of yoga, meditation & breathwork classes each morning/evening and additional workshops during the daytime. They are an intensive in-depth and experiential combination of the following teachings…

Patanjali Yoga Sutras
Shadow Sutras
Yin & Shadow Yoga
Shadow Work
Dyhana (Meditation)
Traditional & Transpersonal Psychology
Pranayama (Conscious Connected Breath)
With the focus on Shadow Work; we dive deep into eliminating your Kelsha’s and clearing your Samskaras (mistaken beliefs of self).

Shadow Yoga workshops and retreats are for all levels and we work carefully to tailor each event to the specific group attending! We typically have a wide age range with all levels of yoga experience.

Take time during this retreat to explore all the corners of your inner shadow. You will have support throughout the entire retreat along with follow up. You will have free time to do as you wish during your stay. We’ve found it often takes people a day or two to completely unwind from their normal day to day lives. Please be kind to yourself and enjoy your surroundings. You may want to go for a walk on the beach or you may want to sit under the palms in a hammock and get caught up on your reading. It’s ALWAYS up to you! If you’d like to go on one of the very adventurous activities listed above we would be more than happy to set up a tour package for you. Please note additional costs may apply.

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