Inner Convergence Therapy

“ICT” or Inner Convergence Therapy is a unique therapeutic tool developed by Tim Wheatley helping clients to radically change behaviors and emotions without reliving trauma or requiring months and even years of therapy. It also allows a freedom of dependency both emotionally and or psychologically on therapists, coaches and healers.

ICT accesses the subconscious mind via a unique collaborative process between the client and therapist, assisting the client to quickly identify their mistaken belief of self. Through this gentle process the client will identify the initial event that created the belief or trauma and then will be guided to safely and easily release the emotions associated with the event and shift the perceptions, belief and judgments about the event and the people involved. This also includes limiting and harmful beliefs the client subconsciously formed about themselves.

This leads to the client transforming mentally, emotionally and psychologically and doing so without re-experiencing or reliving trauma or pain. In a 90-minute session, a client can transform a deep-rooted issue which years of traditional therapy and counseling (Hypnosis, NLP, CBT, RET, Psychotherapy, Gestalt) failed to resolve.

ICT is a powerful therapy that can transform almost any problem with anyone, anywhere over the world and over the phone. It is completely safe and powerfully effective.

Private Sessions

If any of the following areas are problematic for you, a series of 3 x 90min “Private ICT Sessions” will change your life!

  • Career management and negotiation strategies
  • Personal relationships and family situations
  • Communication skills and intimacy issues
  • Separation and divorce issues (for couples or individuals)
  • Issues of fear, risk-taking or setting boundaries

The three “Private ICT Sessions” are booked in advance at a regular schedule time. (once a week or every second week)

As your personal mentors and confidential advisers, Gina & Tim are available on an hourly or monthly basis, by phone or in person.

Individual Sessions rate: $300/ 90min session

Private ICT Sessions package $800 (3 x 90min sessions)

If you are the kind of person who wishes to accelerate your learning in specific areas, i.e. career, family, relationships, etc., or are facing life changing decisions, Gina and Tim offer private sessions or a series of 3 x 90min “Private ICT Sessions” that will change your life!

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