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Explore the shadow realms of Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual Yoga through Shadow Yoga's modern solution to an ancient problem.

"Beyond Asanas there is the experience of now" ~ Tim Wheatley

~ authentic Yoga takes place in the shadows ~

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Shadow Yoga is a new system developed that utilizes specific healing modules for physical, mental, emotional and spiritual healing.

It is a complete holistic approach to mind, body and spirit comprised of asanas, pranayama (breathwork), dhyana (meditation) and psychotherapy.

Shadow Yoga is not the simple yoga system that you might be accustomed to, it’s truly what Yoga is meant to be. Shadow Yoga is a complete system to work through and heal your mistaken beliefs of self along with riding yourself of the negative ego voice. As with many traditional arts and sciences that are profound, beautiful, and powerful; yoga has suffered from the spiritual poverty of the modern world. Yoga has been trivialized, watered down, and reduced to a simple anxiety binding mechanism with people going to Yoga simply to feel better for 60 minutes in avoidance of addressing the root cause of their anxiety. The deep and eternal essence of yoga has been misrepresented and lost with the people who simply jump into a downward dog. At the hands of some; yoga has been reduced to the status of just another exercise program available on every street corner, almost as if it is a Starbucks. A haze of confusion has smothered the clear and pure concept of yoga.

Shadow Yoga was formed out of necessity to redefine yoga and clarify its meaning and purpose.


There is a Physical component to Shadow Yoga. We incorporate a form of Yoga that isn’t taught in the Western world. The system of Yoga that we teach isn’t anything that you have experienced before. Many Yoga practitioners have experienced moments of emotions arising while in a posture. In Shadow Yoga we differ from simplistic Yoga instruction by accessing and working with these emotions as they come up, there are specific tools, resources and techniques used while in the posture to access the depths and origins of these feelings and how to fully release them and the attachments you have to them.


The mental component of Shadow Yoga truly makes a lasting shift in your awareness and understandings of your Ego, your Shadow and your true Self. A step by step approach allows you to disconnect your ego from your current identity and find the true “You”. Our Shadow Yoga teachings cannot be found anywhere else in the world. They are the most advanced teachings on healing the mistaken beliefs of self. We utilize a combination of traditional psychology, visualizations, NLP, Hypnosis and have created the most effect tools for working on the parts of yourself that hide in the shadow realm.


How long have you tried to stop those negative feelings and emotions that keep coming up for you? Most people do anything to avoid these emotions. What we do at Shadow Yoga is completely the opposite, we step into them. We do this fully! For the first time you will discover where the feelings come from and truly discover Emotional Freedom. Not by putting a pretty white light over an outhouse and pretending it isn’t full of shite, but by cleaning out the negative attachments.


The depth of spiritual teachings in Shadow Yoga allow you to truly access the divine.  We use various forms of spiritual tools, resources and techniques to remove all your blocks so you can access what is right in front of you. Our Meditations, Sanskrit Chanting, and Breathwork will take you to a deep spiritual connection with your personal version of the divine. Using the Right Tool At The Right Time is the most important part of your spiritual growth.


Foundation of Shadow Yoga

"Shadow Yoga transcends your physical asana practice into the realms of Mental, Emotional and Spiritual Yoga; where true healing takes place."

Shadow Yoga was launched on the acknowledgement that our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual states have a direct correlation to our attitudes, dietary and behavioural patterns. Shadow Yoga takes a holistic approach to healing. According to Shadow Yoga teachings we are under the constant attack of our Ego & Shadow through our subconscious beliefs (kleshas) which are only healed by addressing where they come from. Thus only by going through the veil of the Ego beyond the Shadow can we access our Samskaras or Mistaken Beliefs of self.

We may heal the body, mind and spirit temporarily through medical or alternative healing modalities, but unless there is transformation at the level of self where our beliefs are held, no lasting healing takes place. We are doomed to repeat our deep patterns and may end up recreating the same or similar situations again and again unless the shadow is reintegrated.

Shadow Yoga eliminates your Kleshas and clears your Samskaras

Klesha - it is important to understand that emotional pain and its varied expressions, such as depression, stem from the desire, attachment, fear and certain unconscious universal constructs. These constructs form a basis on which all other more individualized neuroses are woven and re-woven through a complex association of desires, attachments, and experiences.

"The 5 Kleshas"

  • Avidya (ignorance) is the misconception of our true reality,
  • Asmita (I-am-ness) is the identification of ourselves with our ego.
  • Raga (attachment) is the attraction for things that bring satisfaction to oneself.
  • Dvesha (repulsion) aversion towards things that produce unpleasant experiences.
  • Abhinivesha (will to live) remaining with us until our deaths.

Samskara -These are "mental impressions, recollections or psychological imprints". According to various schools of Indian philosophy, every action, intent or preparation by an individual leaves a samskara  (impression, impact, imprint) in the deeper structure of his or her mind. These impressions then await volitional fruition in that individual's future, in the form of hidden expectations, circumstances or unconscious sense of self-worth. These Samskaras manifest as tendency, karmic impulse, subliminal impression, habitual potency or innate dispositions.

"finding the solution to remove your negative ego voice requires a very subtle alchemy"

  • the medieval forerunner of chemistry, based on the supposed transformation of matter. It was concerned particularly with attempts to convert base metals into gold or to find a universal elixir.
  • a seemingly magical process of transformation, creation, or combination.

Intro to Shadow Yoga 3hr Class

Join both Gina Leigh & Tim Wheatley as they guide you through a 3 hour tour of your mind, body and spirit. This intro class will include a beautiful flow of Yin Yoga asanas, guided meditation and the signature "Shadow Breath."

In addition to the asana practice you will also be guided deeper into the shadow realms of your mind. Helping you to start recognizing what holds you back in life. You will be shown the four pillars of the ego and how they are in the drivers seat but most importantly... how to take back the wheel!

Class locations and Dates:

October 24th & 25th, 2015 - Monster Fitness Yoga Studio - Pincher Creek AB

WeekendWorkshops & Exotic Retreats

Shadow Yoga  3-day Weekend Workshops and 5-day Exotic Retreats are an intensive in-depth and experiential combination of the following teachings.

  • Patanjali Yoga Sutras
  • Shadow Sutras
  • Yin Yoga
  • Shadow Work
  • Dhyana (Meditation)
  • Traditional & Transpersonal Psychology
  • Pranayama (Conscious Connected Breath)

With the focus on Shadow Work; we dive deep into eliminating your Kelsha’s and clearing your Samskaras (mistaken beliefs of self).

Do I have to be at a certain level in my yoga practice?

Shadow Yoga workshops and retreats are for all levels and we work carefully to tailor each event to the specific group attending! We typically have a wide age range with all levels of yoga experience.

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Meet the Founders of Shadow Yoga

"No longer do you need to be a prisoner in your own body”
Freedom is within; we can guide you to the key.


Gina Leigh is a Certified Yin Yoga Instructor, Personal Growth Coach, Certified Rebirther, Shadow Yuen Method Instructor and holistic massage therapist.
"Her passion is to revitalize the mind, body and spirit."

There truly are so many “broken” healers in the world today. Its amazing how many people are seeking advice and looking for guidance from people who are just as lost. Gina Leigh continues to expand her mind and grow deeper into a new level of consciousness each day; knowing that there are many things to learn about our existence. This new humble approach to life has allowed her to see the world with new perspective and also allows her classes and private sessions to be much deeper and more meaningful.

No matter how big you may think the world is remember; nothing is coincidence and you are on this website for a reason.



Psychic by the age of 5, Tim has studied with Enlightened Masters his entire life. He takes traditional psychology and spirituality to the next level. The wholistic no nonsense technique he developed provides lasting change and permanent solutions to your life's problems.

Tim has been fortunate enough to study with various enlightened masters from Western Enlightened Thinkers to Hindu Masters in India and Buddhist Breathwork Masters from Japan. These Masters reaffirmed what he knew to be true from the time he was a child. Tim also expanded his knowledge and created his own breathing meditations. He was trained in Leonord Orr’s Rebirthing, Stanislav Grof’s Holotropic Breathwork and various other teachers. For over 30 years he has been doing specialized breathwork.

In addition to his renowned Breathwork; Tim is the creator of Inner Convergence Therapy (I.C.T) and does individual and couples counselling utilizing this profound technique.


Traditional yoga asanas allow you to feel the self;
Shadow Yoga transcends the self.

Shadow Work Means

illuminate NOT eliminate